Shirley” has been a great addition to multiple special events that we have run, taking our events to the next level. Participants can’t wait to get in line and enjoy this unique photobooth experience. On top of that, Carrie and Jenn are top notch to work with. They help make your event dreams happen with Shirley’s decorations and photo frame. I look forward to working with them more and more as I can’t say enough good things about them!
— Reese M.
From an event planner perspective - these ladies were so easy to work with and customized the perfect attire to for our event!

From an attendee perspective - this is so fun, and the perfect way to capture your guest memories!
— Jamie C.
I know you are a newer business but everything, from meeting you in DeForest, to the very responsive communication, to the return addressed and stamped envelope, is just so spot on and adds to the delight. So excited that Shirley will be part of the wedding.
— Gwen J.